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Smart Strategies to Help You Avoid an Apartment Burglary   You may not own your home. But, you still want to feel safe in it. So, what can you as a renter do to make your place more secure? Quite a bit actually. READ MORE >>

                                                  UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS Insuring Your Home   What is homeowner’s insurance? READ MORE >>

1. Surprise! You can reopen a claim after you receive a check from an insurance company.  If your home is damaged by a fire or natural disaster, the homeowners insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the loss. Eventually, you will receive a check to cover the cost of your claim. READ MORE >>

Property Coverage Exclusions 1)  Earthquakes, Sinkholes & Other Movements of the Earth—Damages from earthquakes are not covered by most home insurance policies but can be provided as an addendum in all states except California. READ MORE >>

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